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Purotex Active Probiotics

Put your allergies to sleep and wake up in a Healthy Bed














Raise awareness, get a good night’s sleep!

Did you know that about 1/3 of the population suffers from House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA)? This type of allergy is caused by the inhalation of house dust mite allergens, small skin particles that have been in contact with DERP1, the enzyme that the mites use to digest food.

There are millions of these allergens in every bed.


Active probiotics

By applying active probiotics on mattress or pillow textiles, Purotex permanently cleans up allergens. A fresh and clean sleeping environment is guaranteed. Moreover, test results have shown that Purotex also cleans up cat and dog allergens.

Purotex reduces allergens drastically and keeps your mattress surface clean and fresh in a natural way.

Purotex uses a revolutionary technology based on

100% natural probiotics.


Clean up allergens

Fabrics treated with Purotex contain microcapsules that are filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergenic sleep disrupters. Thanks to friction between your body and the fabric, the microcapsules burst open and absorb humidity. The probiotics start to multiply and clean up allergens.



Discover Purotex, nature's own technology for a clean, fresh and healthy sleep environment.

How does it work?

  • The Purotex probiotics are sealed in microcapsules

  • You cause friction on your mattress, the microcapsules crack open and the Purotex® probiotics start to multiply

  • After 24 hours - Multiplied by 100

  • After 48 hours - Multiplied by 10,000

  • After two weeks - Your mattress is completely protected

  • Permanently - Your Purotex mattress keeps off allergens and organic dirt



Test Reports

Purotex active probiotics tested & approved.

Several scientific studies, conducted on real-life allergy patients, shows that Purotex improves allergy symptoms and cleans up the allergens in your mattress

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