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The Hotel Splendour was designed and made with the hotel market in mind. This is a firm mattress with individual steel pocket springs and five layers of luxury Lambswool and cotton fillings. Topped with hardwearing stylish fabric for a luxury feel. This mattress has been tried and tested in hotels and guest houses all over the country and has passed with flying colours.


​​​​​​• Mattress depth 12" (31cm).

• Lambswool and cotton mix fillings with comfy bounce back reflex foam.

• 1,000 individual pocket springs (based on a standard double).

• Tufted with Stuart wool washers.

• Sleep both sides (prolongs the life of the mattress).

• 6-gauge Round Wire Edge for strength and stability.

• Side handles for ease of turning.

• Air vents for freshness.

• Firmness - Firm.


Spring counts listed are based on a standard double 4'6" mattress. The amount of springs will alter on a pro-rata basis dependent on mattress size.

Hotel Splendour

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